The island of Crete enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate with a very little variation. During summer months the average high climbs to mid thirties while in winter it becomes much enjoyable and chilly. Snowfall is not uncommon in Crete during the winter season but the phenomenon is appeared over 300 meters altitude. The island receives a great level of sunshine all year round.
During summer, which beings in early May and lasts till mid October in Crete, the average maximum temperature of the island stands at the high 20s. Although the nighttime temperature is also high but because of low levels of humidity it is nicely bearable. However, in the peak month temperature may often fluctuate and stays at mid 30s. The season sees more than twelve hours of sunshine each day, especially in the months of June and August.
Autumn in Crete begins in October and lasts till early December. Like almost the summer, the temperature remains high in this season. Air temperature stays around 20ºC during the earlier days of autumn and it gradually lows down as the season progresses. Night brings cold sometimes as the temperature may fluctuate or falls below 16ºC in October and 13ºC in November. The people receive five or six hours of sunshine throughout the autumn.
Although winter in Crete, from December till March, is mild yet it is wet and gusty. The wind can bring storms, though steady precipitation help air temperature dipping down. Daytime maximums usually stand around 16ºC; falling below 10ºC at night but hardly does it goes under 5ºC.
Rainfall drops off rapidly during spring in Crete. Spring usually comes in March and continues its journey till early May. The regular maximums get rapidly into the low 20s though nighttime lows remain cool. Sunshine levels increase to six hours for each day in April and it reach at eight in May. Tourists prefer spring to autumn for visiting Crete for enjoyable sunshine and rain with the sea remaining warm until the end of the November.